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Clash Of Clans Hack (Clash Of Heroes) 2018

Clash of Heroes  is a modded private server of Clash of Clans. clash of heroes will take your clash of clans experience to another level. This is not a simple hack, but a new adventure! We figured out the disadvantages of CoC and made its flaws our strength! Clash of heroes gives you the possibility to be the best without waiting a lot of time.

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Clash Of Heros Servers –

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Clash of heroes realized your dream. You don’t need to spend a fortune to become powerful. With the proper compromises, you can rule the leader board without wasting your time.

Clash Of Heros has 2 Servers
♣ The Path Of The Warrios
♠ The Wild Hunt


The Path Of The Warrios

The first Clash Of Heroes server will give you the most fun clash of clans gaming experience. You will start with a normal base, and will make it according to your need. You can feel how it would be to have a maxed base, with town hall level 11 and the strongest troops and defense of the game. We figured out that our first server had to be at least as equal to the original one. This Server is perfect for players that want to try out the best Base Design, Tactics & Strategy or for YouTubers that want to make their own series or sneak peeks.

ANDROID –         


The second Clash Of Heroes

Server will lead your game clash of clans experience even further than the first server. Thanks to the use of custom mods you will be able to attack with builders, try new clash of clans troops and building even months before the official launch. Our clash of clans private server will give you the possibility to experience unique troops, spells, and buildings. We made your fun our priority, that’s why after over 1 year of research we are now able to provide you with an always up-date, always working clash of clans server. This clash of clans private server is perfect for players that want to enjoy new features and don’t want to only see sneak peeks videos on youtube. For our youtube partners , this new server may give you the opportunity to offer your fans new series with exclusive features.


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