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My name is Devender a 19 years old YouTuber and blogger ever since i started understanding my self i found my interest in Technology, when i was 6 years old i use to think that how Mobile Phones can help us to talk with anyone in the world is it magic?.
This was the moment when i took a step ahead these things were happened in 2005-2006. In 2006
my father bought a new phone and it was Nokia 6300 it was a flagship phone and it has GPRS 2G it means it was able to access Internet at that time it was a very big thing if you are able to use Internet and internet speed was 80% slower than now so you can understand how slow it would be and Internet plans were so high.
when i was in 6th class i got my own phone it was a Chinese phone my uncle gifted to me i was very happy i was dreaming I'll download games and ill play and after wasting my 1 week i got to know about software platforms because the phone i was using it was not java enabled so i started doing research that how java can be installed in that phone then i found it can't be possible.
when i was in 7th class i got a new phone and it was one of the most popular phone of the time Nokia C1-01 this you can say was the key of success. On regular basis, i use to spent hours and hours downloading games , music , videos and understanding how Google solves our problems
if i have this problem and Google can give answers why i started doing research on it so i got a simple term it was website.

I have spent years on Internet and I have learnt may things and i have struggled allot on it so i thought to make a website but in India a school going if asks to buy a domain and hosting from there parents so they will definitely say No....

I started learning making website on wepka.me it is a popular free site for making Mobile friendly website so i started working there and i met some people and they were claiming that they can hack sim card of using internet so i thought it's just a joke but i thought to search it on Internet and i got that it is possible .
1st thing that i hacked it was a Airtel sim network.
Now in my free time i do blogging and YouTube
thank you for your love and support.
by - Devender Gupta